Attention: People Over 50

Discover how to grab up to $19,627 in ADDITIONAL government benefits, grants, & giveaways that may already be waiting for you to simply claim.

PLUS - DOUBLE your retirement income and secure your retirement all with a few simple moves.

Fellow Citizens,

How would you like to KNOW you’ll have a worry-free retirement?

Imagine you, kicked back and RELAXED with plenty of extra money? Enjoying life free from stress, and most of all with unlimited options?

That’s you... Independent!

If that sounds like your idea of paradise then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

In just a moment you’ll learn the 4 big secrets of successful early retirees and the new opportunities that gave them newfound independence.

For instance...

Did you even KNOW that the US Government has set aside over a TRILLION dollars to be handed out to people over 50, just like you, in 2013 alone? That’s over $19,627 EACH for seniors who could really use it.

What’s more, over 30% of this money comes in the form of public and private grants that NEVER have to be paid back, part is venture capital you can use to start a new business or buy one, and some of the funds come in the form of low-to-no interest loans that you may never have to pay back if you use the money to provide a service for the public good.

It’s like a miracle.

Here is the best part…72% of these programs have no limitations on your current income or savings. In other words, you don’t have to be poor, destitute or broke to in order to qualify. In fact, only 12% of the money is set aside for the truly needy. The rest is yours for the taking.

Amazing huh? We were shocked too.

This information has just come to our attention from a VERY reliable source inside the US Government itself.

Furthermore, during our research we found TONS of more free stuff, huge discounts and perks just for those of us over the age of 50.

Unfortunately, most people think only the poor can benefit from government programs…nothing could be farther from the truth.

Today, 46 cents of EVERY single dollar spent in the US is spent by the government, and the people who know about these programs are the people who get all the money. It has nothing to do with income and everything to do with information…either you have it or you don’t!

Fact is, you’re probably eligible for most of these, as a legal citizen over 50:

  1. 100% paid cultural exchange trips to Europe, Asia and South America

  1. Money to start a business that benefits others over 50 or start a franchise

  1. $8,263 a year to go back to school or learn new technical skills.

  1. FREE Medical care, FREE prescriptions and FREE testing supplies (Not from Medicare or Medicaid)

  1. $921 added to your family’s social security check EVERY single month.

  1. HUGE airline discounts for Veterans.

  1. FREE legal services to fight bill collectors or refinance all your debt.

  1. Dentures, partials and dental work at ZERO charge for seniors.

  1. Collecting an ADDITIONAL $150,000+ in social security benefits by filing BEFORE your official retirement date.

  1. Free or nearly free hearing aids.

  1. Free or greatly discounted hotel stays in over 19,266 hotels.

  1. Up to $6,500 to pay heating bills in the winter.

  1. $25,000 in INSTANT low interest business loans and grants.

Knowing about these programs is like having your own set of magical golden keys... each unlocking the door to treasure chests large and small.

Make no mistake, these programs are not easy to find by design.

Most are paid for by the federal government but distributed by states and finding many of them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

You can’t just Google them or call the social security office (good luck with that) so people like you and I, who have paid in the most over our lives, usually end up with the smallest share of this HUGE government pie.

Truth is, a small group of “privileged insiders” who know how to work the system get the lion’s share of the money year after year.

BILLIONS are claimed every year by a TINY group of the usual suspects.

So why is everything so secretive?... Like I said, it’s by design.

Because if you don’t claim your share, in many cases the money goes back into the general SLUSH fund for the fat cats and bureaucrats to squander.

You deserve your share, and we’ll help you get what is rightfully yours.

Double or Even TRIPLE Your Retirement Income With Little or NO Risk

At The Independent Alliance, our members enjoy life over 50.


Because we help them get what’s coming to them by showing them how to earn more money, save more, protect their assets and grow their nest eggs.

Sounds exciting, huh?

Now that you’ve got your share from the government, the next step to complete independence is earning some extra money.

I’m not talking about some risky business but rather a few NO risk income generators that other folks just like us have PROVEN to work.

None of these methods will make you rich, but they could earn you anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month up to a $1000 or more many times over, without you ever having to leave your home.

We have reviewed over 98 opportunities for 3 different criteria:

1) Ease and speed of implementation,

2) Low-to-no risk of loss and finally…

3) Odds of success.

When the study was complete 88 of the 98 opportunities were tossed out leaving only 10 REAL opportunities that worked almost every time.

Ultimately, we discovered how you can:

  • Get paid up to $16,000 a year for just telling stories of your life experience.

  • Earn up to $100 a day from posting cards at your local supermarket, sending emails and being organized.

  • Add $500-$800 a month to your income in just 1 hour a day if you love dogs.

  • Help families in your neighborhood while earning $80 a day providing (2) VERY needed services playing nurse and teacher.

  • How to sell your opinions for $15 each to an ENDLESS group of websites that will pay your dearly for them.

  • How to sell your experience for up to $2,000 a month totally by phone and email.

  • Make $20 an hour helping other seniors with their #1 non-medical need (Only works if you’re social)

  • How to use your camera to help local businesses and grab $5 a picture by snapping a button and writing a quick caption.

  • Get paid $30-$50 for cooking dinner in a beautiful gourmet kitchen (and you get to eat for free, too)

  • Make $200 extra if you have a green thumb (HINT: you’ll be in CRAZY demand)

  • Be an ambassador for your town, neighborhood or local businesses and pocket $10-$20 an hour cash.

WOW! Can you imagine how getting THOUSANDS in new benefits, give-a-ways and perks from the government PLUS earning a few hundred or a few thousand EXTRA dollars can totally change your retirement?

There’s just one more step to TOTAL independence.

You have to protect and grow the nest egg you already have.

Grow Your Retirement FAST and Protect Your Nest Egg from Risks

In today’s financial markets, risks are literally everywhere…and don’t be the fool who thinks that they are protected just because they don’t have their money in the stock market. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way…

At The Independent Alliance, our job is to research and report strategies that help you SAFELY grow your investments while virtually eliminating risks.

These are not high leverage strategies but rather SAFE investments that earn less than 10% a year but still beat the heck out of bank rates.

Most are alternative vehicles previously only available to rich insiders like:

  • The government backed “Pseudo-Bonds” that pay a guaranteed 11% backed by trust funds.

  • The 9%-15% interest-only investment that’s “Double Backed” by real estate.

  • The Automatic Monthly Income play that could DOUBLE your retirement and keep you out of a nursing home some day.

  • The new technology that sucks 300% returns from dead oil wells EVERYONE else has forgotten about.

  • The solid 24-karat gold investment that that has outpaced bullion by 221%.

  • How to buy rental houses for as little as $1,000 each from your local court clerk and sell them for up to 10X your investment.

  • The big safe, strategic bet AGAINST the coming Chinese asset bubble that will have EVERYONE bleeding red, except for you.

  • The once a year stock trade that could pay all your taxes for the entire year (Hint: It happens on New Year’s Eve)

  • The special LOOPHOLE of the rich and famous that let’s you grow almost every single investment you make TAX FREE!

Scheeeew! That’s a lot to take in but do you see it?

Get the big idea?

Look, there are two groups of retirees, the ones who have to scrape by to make ends meet and live in a constant state of worry.


The second group.

The “Independents” as we like to call them, who enjoy true peace of mind, with the rest and relaxation they deserve after years of hard work. Most importantly they enjoy time, mobility and options to choose and live the life they want.

Which group do you want to be in?

Here is your chance to join the other “Independents” and live the worry-free life you have always dreamed of.

As a member of The Independent Alliance you’ll get an amazing amount of how-to information that explains all the programs we spoke about above.

We’ll give you simple, easy to follow instructions.

Our step-by-step guides are SURE to save you time and money.

Remember, most of these discounts and programs are available to people over 50 regardless of your income level.

Most of the applications are short and easy to fill out. Some only require a quick phone call. If you have difficulty, there are even FREE helplines paid for by guess who? The government.

We’ll give you access to a little known websites that let you search for the programs you are eligible for first.

Once you get a handle on the procedures, you can apply to as many programs as you like and start seeing the benefits stacking up.

Everything is listed inside the special report,“Government Giveaways: For People Over 50” and to keep you up to date you’ll also receive a free 3-month trial subscription to our newsletter The Independent Alliance, (Normally valued at $49 per year) just to take it for a test drive and see how you like it.

Each month you will receive timely information on the newest programs, discounts and give-a-ways. Each month you are sure to find THOUSANDS of dollars in benefits, the challenge will be using them all.

You’ll get savings and asset protection advice from leading legal and financial professionals to help you keep what’s yours and reduce state and federal taxes (yes, there are programs for that, too!)

You’ll also receive detailed plans on how you can earn extra money in your spare time to save for or supplement your retirement. These are great strategies that will keep you active, keep your mind sharp and keep you in golf and vacation money.

Lastly, you’ll get cutting edge “Safe-Money” investing advice that will help you protect your savings against inflation and grow your investments with little-to-no risk, so you can enjoy retirement to the fullest.

Between the“Government Giveaways”report and The Independent Alliance, you could save, earn, protect and grow your wealth to the tune of THOUSANDS each year and get TONS of free stuff, trips, services and perks yours for the asking.

But wait, there's more...

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